Style Hunt Fab Tex – started its journey in 2008 as a garment – retailer/ trader and stock garment exporter to Malaysia, UK, Oman and brazil with a work team of just a hand full people.However, the company developed its core competency in garment over time and transformed itself to Style Hunt Fab Tex in 2009, with its key focus on creative designs and high quality standard, the company has emerged as a trusted name in the domestic and export of garments for active wear & sports wear with a wide range of ever-evolving designs (Male & Female).

Style Hunt Fab Tex realized that the ever growing consciousness for health in the recent years is indeed translating to an increasing demand for sportswear, thereby creating a niche segment of customers. Keeping in mind the changing trends in global/domestic market and to address the needs of these customers, the company gradually transformed itself into manufacturer of sports and active wear in 2013, further progressing on its line of success, the company transformed its structure in 2015 with a vision to expand re-engineer the growth and an aim to lead sportswear arena in country.

Today – Style Hunt Fab Tex runs under 3 Heads – Head Office – Marketing/ factory& distribution located in the same vicinity (area). The head office building is equipped with a Design cell, Sample room, Fabric Warehousing, Merchandising, Cutting section, Centralized accessories store & facility for basic fabric and garment testing. A separate quality inspection area and showroom is also a part of the office floor. The other two units – the production facility & warehousing are both located next to each other. The company has two sub-contracted production unit’s increasing its production capacity up to 45,000 units a month.

Style Hunt Fab Tex keeps one step ahead of other manufacturers by providing novel & innovative designs and fabrics to cater to customer requirements and specifications. In order to address this – A fully dedicated sample division is headed by domain professionals that prepare our own seasonal collection; this dedicated team caters to Client sampling need in specified time limits.

*We use fabrics with the most advanced moisture-wicking construction/ 4-Way Stretch(increased mobility)/ Anti-static/ UVA protective fabric/ Anti- Microbial properties, fabric that dry faster and keep you cooler.

  1. CLOTH : When it comes to fabric, we refuse to sacrifice performance for profit. Fusing premium fabrics with advanced textile technology creates apparel that withstands the rigors of any activity.
  2. COLOR : Each season we like to bring you a few colors that we know you are bound to love. We choose bold, not overbearing colors.
  3. CUT  : We are meticulous about fit. Constantly measuring, gathering feedback and making adjustments to create a comfortable and consistent fit for every piece we make.


At Style Hunt our vision is to become a sought after manufacturer for sports and active wear inspiring people to be active and sporty, We strive to give amazing sporting comfort experiences that drive long term loyalty.


Our mission is to inspire our customers to feel good and to stay true to our Vision we pledge to be Honest, Fair and Creative in whatever we do“Each and Every Day”.
Our “MISSION” is to create sportswear& active wear that enhances comfort of movement and performance.